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A circular delivery network that combines reusable packaging with hybrid pickup and delivery.

Team member

Ruoyi An

Yanhui Ban

Jake Luan

My role

UX Researcher/Designer

System Designer

3D Animator

Mission Statement

Our mission is to reduce the packaging waste of online retailers through a reusable packaging solution and seamless delivery & packaging return experience.  

Impact Goal



Our goal is to reduce the shipping packaging waste in the world by 20% from 2020 to 2030.

Research & Prototyping

Research In order to design feasible and engaging human experiences, we conducted a variety of appropriate research, including user interviews, user journey mapping, field study, and posture study. We also did competitive research, trend analysis, expert interviews, and KJ method to further understand the market and find the better solution.


We learned that many people don't recycle because they don't have access to the recycling bins. Some people just don't have time to spend on recycling. But most people feel badly about throwing away packing materials, and consider breaking down the boxes as time and energy consuming.

We visited an Amazon fulfillment center, Amazon delivery station, and Amazon hubs, and learned about the process of fulfillment and last mile delivery. The emerging pickup hubs are changing behaviors, allowing people to pickup their deliveries while engaged in grocery shopping. Based on the research, we brainstormed many solutions around centralized delivery system that can not only reduce the use of packaging waste, but also reduce the emission caused by last mile delivery.



Age 26

College student who studies computer science in New York

Key Characteristics

Jackson lives in an apartment next to the subway station

Jackson shops a lot online because of the fast and free shipping, and relatively low price of the products.

Jackson doesn’t like to take care of massive packages came from the online shopping delivery. He feels guilty to throw those boxes and bags.

Jackson doesn’t want other people to know what he buys online.  

Artboard 1@3x.png

User Scenario


He walks to the PackZero locker at the subway station to pick up his package.

Jackson heard about packZero from his friends. Today he wants to buy a bluetooth speaker, so he searches through Pack0 portal to find online stores that sells it. He places the order and chose to pickup at the subway station.

After placing the order, Jackson can track the package the portal. He receives the pickup notification when he is having lunch at the school cafeteria. 

After finishing lunch, Jackson takes the subway home.

Then he returns the package in the returning box.

Jackson take the inflated package out of the locker.

When he opens the package, the package is automatically deflated.

Jackson takes the speaker out and put it into his backpack.

Jackson step on the pedal to compress the packages.

When PakcZero receives the package, Jackson receives credits. He can see how many tree he has been saving by using PackZero.

Packzero truck picks up the returned packages. The packages are sent back for reuse.

Packaging Design


Returning Bin Design


PackZero Portal

Users can search PackZero partner's products through PackZero Portal.

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