Somm is an interactive data visualization wine table that help users choose their wines in the wine festival, and share their reviews with other users.


The dataset we used for this data visualization is wine reviews data that was scraped from WineEnthusiast in 2017. 


In the context of wine tasting, there are so many varieties of wines on the menu. It is overwhelmingly confusing for most people to make an intuitive choice of the wine because they choose wine only based on the verbal description from the sommelier.

Each wine contains more data than just country, region and title. How can we assist more intuitive wine choice and create more sociable environment for visitors at the wine events?


Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were a service that raises the vibe in the context of wine tasting and socializing?


Target User

Millennials wine lovers

Olivia (27) & James (30)

  • Millennial couples

  • They love wines, but have limited knowledge about wines

  • Occasionally purchases wine for personal collection


Goal: Learn more about the wines at the event and enjoy the date  


Needs: Intuitive selection of the wine, comparing and tasting their choice of wines


Wants: Socializing with other wine lovers by sharing insights about the wine selections

User Scenario

Final Design